OCP for Developers

OCP can be used to build amazing things or just answer common needs.

IconThe simplest of all storage systems

OCP primitive are very simple: store(data, address) and data retrieve(address). All the rest is secondary. And because most of the object are immutable, the store(data, address) primitive is in fact address address store(data).

IconMany third party APIs

OCP being open, people are developing a lot of API to improve the OCP ecosystems. So don't start to develop, check the existing work before so you will get faster the expected needs.

IconDevelop on top of OCP

The OCP protocol can be extended for your own purpose. You can also develop applications that use OCP as the storage layer. Your application can store and retrieve data locally or from the OCP storage system.

IconOCP Supervision

OCP tries to be as transparent as possible. Monitoring and supervising an OCP network is possible. Checking information of every storage node, getting statistic on various variable is essential. However, transparency does not mean lack of confidentiality regarding data content and who stores what.


OCP is also a good platform to test distributed software as it provides the core functionality for testing any kind of distributed protocol.